Updates Channel

Instant messaging that BA deploys here is like nothing you’ve seen around badminton in Ireland. There are two aspects you’re free to choose from – subscribe just to essential announcements, messages published in so called ‘channel’ that is strictly one way communication tool, so no annoying follows up if you will. Another option we give you is actively engage in conversation by joining the chat associated with the channel, where you’re very welcome to share your thought and comments.

All the above with maximum privacy:

  • no mobile number published (unlike WhatsApp),
  • full insight in the chat past history,
  • full control over all your messages including editing messages already sent,
  • precise replies,
  • details on who have seen the message
  • polls and more

You’re very welcome to join either way.

BA website change log:

– All timing constraints disabled.

– Ladder initial rank points re-scaled to properly model progression related to processing match result, with all positions as initially listed in issue #0.
– Player which still requires additional verification on grade and insurance can’t engage in challenging, displayed as ‘pending’

– Rank points calculation bug fixed, where smart grade used was the initial one instead of the most recent