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Singles in Badminton Premier League

Following Badminton Premier League Table is an unofficial projection of WS and MS recorded BPL results, processed by EveryPointCounts algorithm used in Singles Ladders.The intention is to recognize the best performing BPL teams in singles, that is not available in any official BPL standings. RP – Rank PointsPWR – Points Won Ratio [%] MP – […]

Singles all around Ireland

The idea is very simple – Support playing Singles Badminton anywhere in Ireland, regardless of local Ladder presence. So the BI affiliated player in Galway have opportunity to arrange singles match vs player from Waterford. Both regions have no local Ladders (as for now), yet it shouldn’t limit committed players from fulfilling their potential. With […]

Coming soon…

Hello Everyone, We are relaunching the LEINSTER SINGLES LADDER soon and invite those interested to enter here online. Proposed rules for Leinster Singles Ladder : 1. Open to all over the age of 18 (initially), all genders and abilities all in one single ladder. 2. Players can only challenge those up to 4 ranks above […]