Singles in Badminton Premier League

Following Badminton Premier League Table is an unofficial projection of WS and MS recorded BPL results, processed by EveryPointCounts algorithm used in Singles Ladders.
The intention is to recognize the best performing BPL teams in singles, that is not available in any official BPL standings.

Badminton Premier League Women Singles 2019/2020

1Mount Pleasant232592174
2Pembroke Panthers1524731104
3Ailesbury Falcons134383090
4Racket Raptors123652276
5South Dublin Spartans110622276

Badminton Premier League Men Singles 2019/2020

1Pembroke Panthers337603296
2Racket Raptors221632276
3Ailesbury Falcons1973930101
4Mount Pleasant185522163
5South Dublin Spartans174532163

RP – Rank Points
PWR – Points Won Ratio [%]
MP – Matches Played
MW – Matches Won
GP – Games Played
GW – Games Won

As you can see after two BPL nights the top team in MS and WS is ranked way different when filtering singles only results. The MS champ at the moment seem to be Pembroke Panthers while WS is lead by Mount Pleasant.

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