Singles all around Ireland

The idea is very simple –

Support playing Singles Badminton anywhere in Ireland, regardless of local Ladder presence.

So the BI affiliated player in Galway have opportunity to arrange singles match vs player from Waterford. Both regions have no local Ladders (as for now), yet it shouldn’t limit committed players from fulfilling their potential. With this new BA feature it’s possible – more it’s fun!

Another example – player from Dublin (registered on local Singles Ladder) plans some trip to the north and will be around Lisburn for some time. Now it’s possible to setup singles match with the local, north player that otherwise would probably never happened.

Yet another common situation – a player from Meath doesn’t have enough time to commit to any of the existing Ladders and moreover, doesn’t like to be evaluated and put in any rankings. Signing up as an Off-Ladder Player (OLP) fulfils all those requirements. The player can play as often/rarely as preferred. No ranking, no ups and downs.


As all the best things in this Life, and SL services – the Off Ladder feature is FREE!
Off-Ladder Player has all the same statuses available to Ladder Player
+ injured
+ exempted
+ pending (private matters or any other difficulties)

Naturally the regular Ladders players still stay in the centre of BA recognition as those seem the most committed. In respect, Ladder Players:
+ have priority in progressing with challenges
+ can challenge any OLP, with no grade limit
+ match result vs OLP has no impact on LP stats
+ no limit on number of challenged OLPs

Some other Off-Ladder Player limits:
+ can challenge any other OLP
+ can challenge LPs up to it’s smart grade level
+ no limit on number of challenged LPs and OLPs

BA stays committed to provide safe and secure environment for all participants. All OLPs are subject to the same as LPs background checks, to make sure they are legitimate BI affiliated players.

How does the Off-Ladder feature work on the BA portal?

Player submits registration request as OLP indicating the home region. BA performs background check as usual, confirming identity and eligibility. The player is published in a global OLP list and is visible in all local Ladders views. Challenging works the same way on Ladders in operation.
Off-Ladder Players just like LP communicate online, using BA portal that gives them maximum privacy.

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Happy challenging to Everyone!

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