Guidelines and Rules for Badminton Singles Ladder 2019/20


All Players who are BI affiliated adults (over 18) of all standards are welcome to enter and participate. Please note, that by participating in the ladder, YOU CONSENT to your email and mobile number might be shared with other members if necessary on the Singles Ladders[1].

Fees and rewards

Registration and participation is FREE and there are NO administration fees. Players are responsible for booking courts and paying all required court fees (if applicable). The cost of court hire should be split evenly between the 2 players. Players must provide their own shuttles and share in the cost and usage. If an unforeseen circumstance does not permit a match to be played, you need to play the rescheduled match within 2 weeks.
There are no rewards currently available.


Players register online on the BA website using Registration Form. All registrations are subject to review and can be rejected.

Player can pull out at any time communicating by email with administrators.

Initial Rankings

The initial ladder will be based on player DDLC / CAC grade and a view taken by the administrators on those with the same grade as a start.
In the instance that a player does not have a ranking, the ladder administrator will rank the player for the initial ladder.

Ranking Publishing

All rankings and matches are published online on the BA website, accessible to any internet user. There might be many statistical measures published aside from the main Rank.


Matches are voluntarily organised by player in a form of challenge. Player can challenge anyone below his rank and only those up to 4 ranks above the player. Please respond to challenges as soon as possible to allow for more matches to be played. For example, if you are placed 8th on the ladder, you may only challenge those in 4th, 5th, 6th or 7th spots.

If the lower ranked player beats a higher ranked pair / players, the lower ranked “LEAP FROGS” over the higher ranked players. If the higher ranked players wins, nothing happens.

You may challenge any number of places BELOW you on the ladder. This is to broaden the higher ranked player’s options. However there is NO leap-frog in this instance.

If a higher ranked player challenges a lower ranked player and the lower ranked player wins, the lower ranked player will move up only ONE PLACE and the higher ranked player remains in the same position. We aim to encourage higher ranked players to challenge lower ranked players but if the penalty is too severe higher ranked players won’t challenge lower ranked players.

There is NO risk to a higher ranked player challenging a lower ranked player.

A player who has already played another and won CAN decline a challenge from the same player for up to ONE CALENDAR MONTH (4 weeks), after which the above challenging rules apply.

You can ONLY challenge a player above you on the ladder ONCE per Calendar Month.

This is to avoid the situation of the same two players challenging and re-challenging each other constantly. This would cause the ladder to stagnate. This still leaves each player with 3 other challenges above them every month and any number of challenges coming from behind them.

This also means that the top 3 ranked players will be encouraged to accept challenges from below them which will keep the ladder fluid. It also avoids the situation of Player B, a few places behind player A, challenging player A every week so that player A has to play player B or else he’ll jump over player A in the ladder.

If you are challenged you will receive a notification from your challenger. You must respond to the challenge (accept or decline) within 3 days. Players who fail to respond within 3 days will be deemed to have automatically declined the challenge.

You have two options:

You have 14 days from the time of being challenged to arrange and play the match.

Instead of accepting the challenge, you may Decline the Challenge. This is the option you should choose if you cannot accept the challenge due to injury, illness, vacation, busy schedule, etc.

Players WILL NOT be penalised for declining the FIRST challenge from an opponent. However, should you decline a 2nd challenge from the same player within an additional 7 days you will forfeit the match and the challenger will be awarded the match.

This option is also the default if you do not respond to a challenge within 3 days. Although you forfeit matches if you decline a second time, this process will keep the ladder moving and allow players to participate in more matches.

The challenger must inform the administrator to register the decline at the time of the decline.

Players can have up to 4 pending challenges. If you have 4 pending challenges you cannot accept or issue any further challenges until you have completed at least 1 of your pending matches.

Players book their own court in
their preferred venue and use their own shuttles, all at their own cost.

Challenges can be as frequent as players wish. However, a player can decline a challenge from someone they have already played for a maximum of one calendar month.

You are not guaranteed any specific number of matches as this depends entirely upon the discretion of the players issuing the challenges. However, please keep in mind those players refusing challenges or otherwise missing matches will automatically drop down the ladder and this should provide you with a greater number of matches.

Match format

All challenge matches must be played in the standard best two out of three sets format (21 with setting).

Updating Ladder Ranking

It is players responsibility to submit match result as soon as possible. The submitted results are subject to review and only approved are included in the ranking. The ranking is updated on regular basis according to the results submitted. It is the responsibility of each player to ensure any declined challenges, accepted challenges and results are entered online for the ladder to be updated.

Communication channels

The minimum mandatory communication channel is an email. Administrator can be contact at

Instant messaging anonymous chat is available on the BA website to answer quickly question from those who are considering signing up.

BA takes players privacy seriously. Players contact details are shared as little as possible. Players are encouraged to communicate with BA with secure instant messaging platform Telegram.

Telegram supports messaging without making the mobile number public. Can be used on desktop without the app active on the smartphone.

Check out the channel feed here on the BA website.

Singles Ladder Telegram Channel is where announcements will be published and Singles Ladder Telegram Channel Chat is where players are welcome to interact socially in engaging respectful manner.


The challenger of the match is responsible for booking the courts. After challenging another player who accepts, both players must find a time that works best for both of them and agree on a venue for the match. This could be with prior agreement between both players. Players share both the cost of the court hire and shuttles. The challenger may propose a time and location of the match; however, the time and location must be mutually agreeable with both players.

Ranking calculation

SL uses unique sophisticated calculation system that is proprietary of the Author. All players earn Ranking Points following every match played. Ranking Points (RP) accumulate. There is one distinct situation called Ladder Leap (LL) that make exception in earning RP. LL happens when challenging player wins match over higher ranked player. The winner reward is sum of the defeated player RP plus RP for the match won. The SL position is a result of ordering all players by RP descending. Smart Ranking System (SRS) implements following features:

  • All grades, genders and ages are accommodated within one ladder.
  • Both match participants are rewarded with Ranking Points (RP)
  • RP are proportional to the score, every point matters.
  • RP are proportional to the grades playing, higher the grade, higher the RP
  • Grades are evaluated dynamically following every match, taking the grade at registration as just a staring reference point.
  • Number of games in the match (2 or 3) do not affect RP.
  • Players can join SL at any time and will be recognised fairly. The accumulated standings won’t affect player ability to advance.
  • Players playing more often are more likely to advance high.

More details soon.

Advancing on the Ladder

There are three ways of advancing up in the Ladder:

  1. By winning a mach that was challenged by the winner. In this case the winner leaps over the loser by taking over his rank points with bonus for the match itself. The loser position in this case is jus one below the winner.
  2. By playing matches against players higher in the rank who made the challenge. In both outcomes (win, lose) the lower positioned player earns rank points and can accumulate enough to advance in the rank (when the rank points get bigger than the player’s above).
  3. By playing matches (challenging) against players below the player’s rank. In both outcomes (win, lose) the player earns rank points and can accumulate enough to advance in the rank (when the rank points get bigger than the player’s above).

The (2) and (3) are ways of promoting active players regardless the outcome of matches played. More played matches mean higher rank points accumulation and can lead to advancing on the ladder.

Players details

Player’s identity must me valid and known to the BA administrators. Player has an option appear incognito in the SL by choosing a unique nick name that is subject to administrators approval. It is Player responsibility to make sure his email and mobile are up to date. Please note that by agreeing to participate in the ladder YOU CONSENT to your mobile number being forwarded to the organisers and other participants of the ladder.

Half court singles

BA is committed to be as inclusive as possible and invites players to compete in ‘Half court singles’ Ladder (HCSL) as well. Player signing up for HCSL can participate in the main SL as well. The match results feed separate ladders then.


BA takes all necessary actions to assure the competing space is as safe as possible however it is Players responsibility to make sure match is played in safe environment. BA takes no responsibility for any events happening at around the match. Players are the only accountable for any expenses related to the match.


You can be exempt from the ladder if you are ill, injured, bereaved or away.

Exempt players cannot issue or accept a challenge.
The longer a player remains exempt the further down the ladder they will fall as those players around them will continue to arrange challenges and progress up the ladder.


In the event that 2 sets of players meet in a club tournament, LBBUI event, BUI official event, the result of such a meeting will NOT be treated as a challenge.

Where players are selected to represent Leinster in the Inter County Leagues or competing in an upcoming tournament, league finals etc, these players will be given exemptions the week prior to one of the listed tournaments.

The exemption only applies to those entered, and visible on tournament software for all to see.

Also those named in the Leinster squad for an upcoming match will receive the same exemption.

The ladder is intended to help players get competitive matches and improve their game not hinder their ability to compete in the real events.

You can therefore decline a challenge the week before a listed tournament without it counting as one of your 2 declines. However you MUST be entered in the tournament in order to use this exemption. The exemption period will be Mon to Sun with the tournament falling on the weekend.

You can of course still accept the challenge but you may be exempt if it doesn’t suit your tournament preparation. The exemption only applies to the week before a tournament (Mon to Sun). If the ladder starts interfering with players’ main objectives then the ladder won’t serve its desired purpose

The designated qualifying tournaments are:

Irish International, Irish Senior Open Championships, Leinster Senior Open Championships, Ulster Senior Open Championships, Autumn Open Championships, Spring Open Championships, Mount Pleasant Open, Irish Junior Championships, Leinster Junior Open, Ulster Junior Open, Connacht Junior Open. Leinster Graded Tournaments, Dublin & District League or Cup Semis or Finals, Inter and Inter League Semis or Finals

The Rules are subject to change at any time without notice.
Any suggestions, ideas and help are welcome.

[1] Sharing mobile number/email is an emergency option incase the portal messaging won’t work. It also might not be necessary for those who choose to use Telegram app. Communicating with a player that does not use Telegram will require sharing the mobile numbers/email between both players.