What is Singles Ladder?

Singles Ladder is Badminton Academy project to provide all year round supply of singles matches for all grades. It is online managed space where players can arrange matches and publish their progress in ranked ladder system.

How does Singles Ladder work?

Players register online and are listed on the ranked ladder. Player can challenge any other player in scope and communicate directly to arrange the match venue and time. Once match is played the score is reported and verified, the outcome is included in the Ladder ranking.

How do I join?

You register online on the BA website using registration form.

The form will capture:

  • username (required)
  • name and surname (required)
  • email (required)
  • mobile (required)
  • BI affiliation number (optional)
  • grade (optional)

You can log in to the BA straight away but you won’t be listed on the Ladder immediately. Registration entry is validated and active in matter of a day or so. We’ll need to verify your mobile number and in order to do so we’ll send you a text message the activation code, that you enter on the BA website once logged in.

What do I do with the mobile verification code?

As part of the registration you’ll be required to prove that you own the mobile number entered. The way it’s implemented is: we send you a text message with unique 4 digits code that you’re required to enter on the BA website. First log in using your login and password. Then navigate to mobile verification form. The form for verification is available under VERIFY menu item. On successful verification you’ll see a message stating so.

Why you need my mobile?

Fair question. Your mobile is not used in regular Ladder operation. There are AA reasons we need it:

  • to get bitter check that you’re a real person and not a bot (malicious, fake user)
  • to instantly identify you on Telegram (you can name yourself anything you like on Telegram and the quick way to make you’re you’re who you claim is the mobile that only admins and your T-friends will be able see)
  • to get in touch with you in any emergency situation (when you can’t

How do I opt out?

For whatever reason you can decide to opt out at any time. Just send an email to the BA and you’ll be sorted out in no time. You’re very welcome to join back if you change your mind.

How do I arrange a match?

You log in to the BA website and next open the rank view. You press ‘challenge’ link on the player row you want to challenge, then on the view reloaded press ‘confirm challenge’ to confirm the intention. You should see ‘it is your intention’ message a second after. At this point the notification email is automatically sent to you both.

I challenged and got no response for days, what do I do?

You’re correct expecting response to your challenge in matter of days (ideally max 3 days). In case there is no response (accept, reject) feel free to contact admin (using email or Telegram or internal messaging). The admin will drive it for you that you’ll receive resolution very soon.

How do I accept or reject a challenge?

To accept a challenge you log in to BA website using your credentials and go to your profile view which you can get to by clicking on your name in the ladder. In the profile view you’ll see actions available for the challenge received as below:

Press on the one you intend (‘accept challenge’, ‘reject challenge’) and this is it. You’ll receive a confirmation email as well.

What do I do once a match is played?

You should submit the match result as soon as possible.

How do I submit the match result?

Temporarily, at this time the match winner put the result details (date, score, winner, venue) in a BA internal message and sends to his opponent to have all details confirmed.

What happens once the match result is submitted?

The match result need to be confirmed by both players before publishing. This should be done by internal BA message reply to the challenge thread. Once the result is confirmed it is published verified and the Ladder is updated.

When will I my rank update?

Your rank points and the position on the Ladder is updated at the same time and it’s once the match result was successful.

What do I do when I’m injured?

Please contact BA by email or Telegram as early as possible following an injury and your status on the Ladder will be updated. The same advice once you recover from an injury.

What if I have a complaint regarding messages exchanged, challenging, match or other?

All disputes and complaints are processed in writing strictly by email. BA is the only body that resolves those requests.

Can I contact with BA using Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp?

BA takes players privacy seriously and supported way of communication are email (mandatory) or/and Telegram (optional). No WA or FB contacts are supported at the moment.

What exactly happens between the challenge and the Ladder update?

Challenge flow in details:

  • player X contacts BA with challenge request (CGR) vs player Y, indicating the format: half-court or full court
  • CGR eligibility is verified and if confirmed
  • contact details are provided to X and Y
  • CGR is recorded online with the date and ETA
  • match schedule is published online
  • the winner submits the result: date, venue, score, time
  • the result is updated online, verification pending
  • BA contact the other player to confirm
  • the result is marked verified
  • SL is rolled with ranks updated

It is important to keep in mind that match results are processed ordered by the date of play regardless date of submitting the results and verifying.

How is the Ladder different from the Leinster League?

Leinster League (DDLC)Singles Ladder
round robin narrowed to a section individual fixtures setup
fixtures decided by admin fixtures decided by player
play your opponent once in the season play the same opponent at most once a moth
governed by Leinster Badminton governed by independent individuals,
signup fee per player no sign up fee
court and shuttles cost covered from club membership every match expenses split among 2 players
flat contribution fee regardless number of actual number of matches played within the section match expenses reflecting exact player commitment level
position in the rank reflecting matches won, then games, then points (only in case of equal results) position in the rank always reflecting every single point won during the match
play your grade and gender only play both genders and all grades
all participants play the same number of matches within a session players play as much as they want
players can join strictly at one particulat time slot (beginning of the season) players can join at anytime
participant pulling out make whole section very uncomfortable player pulling out has almost no impact on others operations
the grade is fixed at the star of the season and limits participant scope the grade is dynamic reflecting actual performance following every match
matches details are anonymous, published long after played all match life cycle is published immediately pointing to individual player
participant achievements published at the very end of the season
all player progresses are published up to date and back-date, accessible online
all matches dates are fixed in advanceonly accepted challenges matches have dates setup, no in-advance schedule there
subbing in doublesno subbing in singles

How much would a match cost?

Trying to estimate the cheapest match would include following assumptions:

  • match played in two games, fitting in half an hour, cheapest court booking – EUR 3.75
  • 5 brand new shuttles used – EUR 4

TOTAL: EUR 7.75 to split between two players

More realistic estimate:

  • match played in three games, fitting in one hour, cheapest court booking – EUR 7.5
  • 9 brand new shuttles used – EUR 18

TOTAL: EUR 25.5 to split between two players