About us

Badminton Academy is an independent initiative to provide best badminton experience to all interested. There is no formal dependency between BA and Leinster Badminton or Badminton Ireland. BA commits to stay compliant with all the best standards already defined in Irish badminton community.
People behind are Ray, Pawel (managing Leinster Ladder), Mike (managing Limerick Ladder) and Long (managing Cork Ladder)

BA takes players privacy seriously. Players contact details are shared as little as possible. Players are encouraged to communicate with BA with secure instant messaging platform Telegram.

Telegram supports messaging without making the mobile number public. Can be used on desktop without the app active on the smartphone.

Singles Ladder Telegram Channel Chat is where players are welcome to interact socially in engaging respectful manner and
Singles Ladder Telegram Channel is where announcements will be published.

Check out the channel feed here on the BA website.

Web design by Pawel – services available.