21 Reasons to join!

WHY JOIN the Singles Ladder?

  1. Finally somebody to play singles!
  2. Your fate in your hands, no more ‘but my club, team, partner…’ excuses.
  3. Might be the only chance to play players of higher grades that are not in your club and won’t show up at the events you normally sign up for.
  4. Develop singles skills, learn from more skilful players.
  5. Might find the coach you’ve been looking for.
  6. Potentially can share with those willing to learn.
  7. There might be prizes, you never know…
  8. Get access to BA exclusive benefits.
  9. Coz sooner you start better rank you might get.
  10. Can go anonymous – ‘James Bond’ still available ;).
  11. Great practice for other events like masters open.
  12. Experience commitment, every point matters, not just for now but long term.
  13. Commitment is rewarded – more you play regardless the outcome, higher you get.
  14. It’s free and fun!
  15. It’s flexible, no BA membership, anytime is good to join.
  16. Get visible, share your story – it might be the only way to show you’re the right person for the job in cases like inter county/CAC or to get to the club you always wanted to join
  17. We listen – you can make a difference.
  18. Communicate with people who values quality game like you do – share opinions, match predictions, having good laugh.
  19. Can pull out at any time, no fuzz.
  20. Get beyond boundaries – club, friends, age, gender, grade.
  21. Think of club alternative – singles oriented, no membership, pay as you play.